Cold Lottery Numbers: A New Approach Using SQL

The approach of choosing bloodless numbers has lengthy been famous with lotto players.

this article will have a look at recent effects from NZ Lotto and introduce a method geared toward reducing aggregate pools using structured question Language, or square.

preceding results From NZ Lotto

allow’s observe the final six weeks effects of NZ Lotto.







A quick glance tells us the numbers usually observe the top algorithm of three even numbers, 2 primes and 1 atypical variety in every line of 6 balls.

allow’s have a search for any repeating numbers. I created a script in MS Excel which calculates the reproduction numbers. within the desk underneath suggests the ultimate four weeks had 5 repeated numbers and so on.

Weeks, count number of duplicate Numbers





it’s a fairly small sample, but no longer distinctly the greater weeks results there are, the much less precise numbers.

the usage of specific Numbers And square To reduce Lotto combos

we are going to anticipate that numbers that have came about lately are less in all likelihood
to feature within the next effects: choosing bloodless numbers.

we are able to take the list of latest numbers and practice a square query against a lotto aggregate file and get a count number of the outcomes.

i’ve been using the top Lotto gadget mixture document which accommodates over 500,000 combinations consisting of 2 primes, 1 odd and 3 even numbers in every line.

To make sure no latest numbers from NZ Lotto are blanketed within the first numbers we will use the subsequent sq. command:

n1 not in





and n2 not in





This query lower back 87,210 combos which appears promising. after I ran the question throughout all 6 numbers it left simply six hundred mixtures.

What Inference can we Make From The square Lotto query end result

it’s hard to attract a conclusion from a small sample, but it’s critical that allows you to draw an inference from any statistics we’re analysing. One possible end primarily based on our small statistics sample might be:

whilst a prime gadget mixture is a winning result, and the numbers have not been drawn within the ultimate 6 weeks, there are just six hundred viable combinations.


this newsletter has introduced the concept of cold numbers and how to use a square command to lessen the feasible mixtures. although greater facts is wanted, it’s far a promising perspective for lotto gamers to discover.